Pilates is the perfect way to exercise your mind and body

"If your spine is inflexible & stiff at 30,  you are old.  If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young"

Joseph Pilates 1883- 1967

Come to Stag Wood for private sessions either on a 1 to 1 basis or duo, or join a regular class in a lovely studio set in a garden with stunning views.

A dedicated space that can accommodate up to 6 clients, the studio also offers the option to try Joseph Pilates’ infamous Reformer machine, particularly effective for post-surgery rehabilitation or injury. 

Everyone is welcome from the young to the young at heart – Susie has  taught at all levels and all ages – her eldest client was 89 and practiced Pilates daily!

Enjoy the tranquility whilst exercising both mind & body. 

For latest availability and information on classes call Susie Gale on 01556 620081 now or email: info@stagwood.co.uk

UPDATE ON CLASSES from 10th May 2021!!

1 - 1's Matwork & Reformer available 

Zoom Group Classes:   Wed 0930 Intermediate - Advanced /Thursday 0930 Beginners

Outdoor Classes: Wed 6.30 pm/ Thursday 1030 am

Booking essential